Shaver Cecotec, 04229


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General Characteristics

5 en 1. Perfect multigroomer to remove all hair, from face to body, thanks to its different heads and attachments. It includes a foil-shaver head, a nose and ear trimmer head, face-shaver head, a guide for adjusting haircut and a body shaver with protection for sensitive skins.

PrecisionCare Extreme 5in1 is waterproof. It is designed with IPX5 for an easier cleaning of the device under running water.

PrecisionCare Extreme 5in1 includes a 500mAh lithium battery that allows a 60-minute continuous operating with just one 180-minute charge.

Includes body-shaver head with a silicone strip to protect the most sensitive skins.

It features operation and charge LED indicator for you to know easily when your PrecisionCare Extreme 5in1 is ready to use.

Stainless-steel blades with long-lasting sharpness and highly resistant. Forget about hair pulling.

Its body and attachments are waterproof; therefore, you can enjoy an easy and simple cleaning and maintenance.

PrecisionCare Extreme 5in1 is designed with ergonomic and comfortable hand grip, offering an easy and comfortable use on any part of your body.

It includes different attachments to remove hair from head to toes: a foil-shaver head, a 0.5-mm precision trimmer, a comb that can be adjusted from 1 mm to 10 mm, a body shaver with silicone protection and ear and nose trimmer.

It can be used cordless for an easier and more comfortable use, avoiding cable tangling and offering freedom of movement.

It includes a useful storage base to store all the accessories. This base also allows a much more comfortable charging and avoid possible falls. Adapter, oil bottle and cleaning brush.

Shaver Cecotec, 04229

Availability: In stock

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