Set of Care Sencor, SHP7201SL



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Power source mains/battery
Titanium blades
High-Speed Motor
Ergonomic handle preventing slipping in the hand
Battery operating time 45 minutes
Full Charged Up in 8 Hours
Blade width 41 / 32 / 20mm
ON/OFF switch (on/off)
Option to trim without the comb attachment
Graphic cutting length indicator
LED charging indicator
Integrated Ni-Mh Battery
Length of the Power Cord: 170cm
Weight: 125g

7 changeable attachments

Nose Trimmer
Facial Shaver
Design Trimmer
Standard Hair Trimmer
Full Size Trimmer
Facial Hair Height Regulation
Body Hair Height Regulation

Set of Care Sencor, SHP7201SL

Availability: In stock

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