Electric Toothbrush Sencor, SOC1100SL



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Option to set up to 10 speed and hardness modes
Brushing speed of up to 41,000 per minute
Can remove plaque several time better than standard toothbrushing
Cares for the health of your gums using special vibrations
Intelligent timer will divide toothbrushing into 4 blocks for the best cleaning thanks to Quadpacer technology
LED battery power level indicator
Ergonomically-shaped handle guarantees comfortable handling
Extremely low consumption
IPX7 waterproof protection level (protection against submersion in water)
Battery lasts up to 45 days under daily use
Replaceable toothbrush heads
Magnetic silencing technology ensures silent operation <65 dB (A)
Worldwide compatibility with 100-240 V enables charging anywhere in the world
Included contents: 1 toothbrush bodym, 2 basic heads, 1 charging station with stand in one
Portable case: Fits 1 toothbrush body, 2 toothbrush heads or 1 toothbrush head and 1 toothpaste

Electric Toothbrush Sencor, SOC1100SL

Availability: In stock

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