Built-In Oven Nodor, MO 6800 SW


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General Characteristics

Built-in multifunction oven.
Capacity: 67 lt
Energy class: Α++
White glass door and control panel.
White LCD display with start/stop digital programmer.
With 10 functions.
Soft close.
Fast pre-heat.
Touch control.
Nchild: Child safety lock.
Nsoft multifunction: Ovens and microwaves, with Nsoft technology, guarantee the best results thanks to the enveloping cooking while baking.
Nhome-baked: With the new function of Nodor Nhome-baked, the traditional flavour of the foods cooked in a wood oven will finally be within the reach of the less experienced chef.
Nclean: With the new enamel Nclean Nodor is easy to clean and thanks to its reduced porosity, cleaning both the oven and the trays becomes a simple task. The enamel with Ndamantium technology stands out for its great hardness and resistance. Your oven will remain as if it was the first day.
Ncomfort +: Easy access to cooking by avoiding burns in food handling with Nodor’snew easy extraction Ncomfort+ guides.

Built-In Oven Nodor, MO 6800 SW
Original price was: €799,00.Current price is: €679,15.

Availability: In stock

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