Convector Matestar, MAT-BL2200


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Matestar MAT-BL2200 Evolution Inverter Convector with maximum power 2200W ideal for spaces up to 23m2. It features Inverter technology that allows you to save energy up to 70% compared to conventional radiators!

Inverter technology: Device power supply system smoothly modifies power of the heating element depending on the difference between actual and set room temperatures. If necessary, the convector quickly brings the temperature to the user set value. Afterwards, it only operates to maintain temperature while reducing power consumption. Conventional devices always run at full power.
Smart Eye Technology to improve power consumption, maximize comfort automation and extend the equipment service life. The presence detector located on the device, determines the person’s location in the room and synchronizes device operation with the direct presence of a person in the convector coverage area by controlling its operation intensity. With no people in the room the device switches to an economical operation mode. And it resumes the set mode when the user returns to the room.
Smart WiFi Technology: An optional module can be installed on the convector to connect to the home Wi-Fi network and ensure operation of the application. This network is connected to the mobile phone of the owner, after that owner can control the device remotely.
Hedgehog Heating Element: The grooved surface of the heating element has been specially designed to increase the heat transfer area by 20% while maintaining a 15% lower temperature than the competition to avoid burning oxygen and to maintain low power consumption.
Additional Features
Free Standing or Wall Mounted
Turbo Air Flow
Open Window Sensor
Tip-Over Protection
Adjustable Thermostat
Protection Class: IP24
Dimensions (W x H x D): 80 x 41.3 x 12. 9 cm

Convector Matestar, MAT-BL2200

Availability: In stock

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