Gas Heater Camila, 4200I



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Max caloric power: 4.2 kW (14340 BtU / h)
Adjustments: Max / Med / Min
Maximum gas power consumption: 0,305 kg / h
Piezoelectric / Piezoelectric Ignition System
Max cylinder size: 15 Kg
Available pressures: 28/30/37/50 mbar
Gas Type GPL – LPG Butane / Propane Propane (G30 / G31) Flüssiggas – LPG Butane / Propane (G30 / G31)
Net weight: 11 kg
Gross weight:13 kg
Dimensions (H x W x D): 34.5 x 45.5 x 77.7 cm
Packaged stove dimensions (H x W x D) 36.5 x 47 x 81 cm

Gas Heater Camila, 4200I

Availability: In stock

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