Built-in Microwave Midea, TG925E3BK


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Technical Specifications

Installation type: Full Built-In
Power: 900 watts
Capacity: 25 lt
Power Levels:5
Preset Programs: 8
AutoPrograms: With AutoPrograms function you can cook your meal to perfection. After placing the dish in the product, set – out of 8 – the appropriate automatic program in the display menu. Just add the weight of the dish and press “Start”. AutoProgram function then takes over and determines the cooking mode, temperature and cooking duration. It even switches off the program towards the end of the cooking time. As some dishes with the AutoPrograms function require the use of ovenware with a lid, the interior walls also stay clean. Cooking couldn’t be simpler.
Grill: Serve delicious meals in minutes with this dual-function microwave oven, with a grill function for a professional finish at the touch of a button. You can have everything from crispy bacon to cheese with a rosé crust.
LED Display: This microwave oven has an intuitive touch screen control and an easy-to-clean surface. The touch control also allows you to change functions and times in seconds.
Net Weight: 18 kg
Color: Dark Graphite
Dimensions (H x W x D): 38.8 x 59.5 x 40.1 cm

Built-in Microwave Midea, TG925E3BK

Availability: In stock

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