4 Door Refrigerator Toshiba, RF692WE-PGJ



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Technical Specifications

Total net capacity: 535 lt

Freezer net capacity: 187 lt

Maintenance net capacity: 348 lt

Energy class: E
Climate Class: N-ST-T
Annual Energy Consumption: 314 kW/h
Freezing Capacity: 13 kg /24h
Autonomy in case of power failure: 15 h
Noise Level: 41dB (A)

General Features

Total NoFrost Triple & MultiAirFlow 3 Cooling System
Internal LED lighting
Touch Screen Control Panel with precise electronic control of temperature
Door Alarm
Holiday Mode
SuperFreeze Mode
Smart Mode

Special Functions

Energy saving with Dual Inverter: The inverter technology of the compressor and fan increases the speed when there is a need for more intense cooling, without making noise. Save up to 20% more energy than models without inverters. This is possible because our Inverter is located both in the compressor and in the fan, unlike other refrigerators. The fan speed is automatically adjusted according to the temperature. In this way it is possible to save energy by keeping the temperature stable in each compartment.
Three degrees of temperature in the adjustable chiller box, with variation from -2 °C to 3 °C: The chiller box can set three adjustable temperature levels. Light freezing (-2 ° C): keeps the meat easy to cut during preparation. Degrees Zero (0 ° C): keep fish and seafood cool. Fruits, vegetables and drinks (3 ° C): allows you to extract and consume fresh food at any time. Each setting regulates the temperature precisely.
Fresh and healthy life thanks to plasma sterilization technology: The plasma sterilization module installed in the refrigerator produces ions and electrons to contrast the bacterial concentration up to 96.5%, keeping the interior clean and sanitized.
Uniform cooling thanks to Alloying Cooling (aluminum alloy cooling): Made of aluminum, the 360 ​​° alloy cooling system dissipates heat faster, uniformly cooling the entire refrigerator at a faster rate.
The humidity levels of the drawer can be set to high, medium or low: Adjusting the humidity according to the different types of food allows you to preserve the freshness of the food. High: ideal for storing vegetables that are easy to dehydrate. Medium: excellent for storing fruit. Low: suitable for storing dried fruit and eggs, which require low humidity.

Door colour: Black glass

Dimensions & Weight

Dimensions (H x W x D): 189.8 x 83.3 x 68.5 cm
Weight: 129 kg

4 Door Refrigerator Toshiba, RF692WE-PGJ

Availability: In stock

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