4 Door Refrigerator Toshiba, RF610WE-PGS


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Technical Specifications

Net total capacity: 470 lt
Net refrigerator capacity: 337 lt
Net freezer capacity: 133 lt
Energy class: F

Special Functions

ALLOYCOOLING ™: AlloyCooling ™ is a 360 ° cooling technology that lowers the temperature much faster while keeping your refrigerator cool. Uniform and rapid cooling has a major impact on the freshness of the stored products.
ORIGIN INVERTER: The TOSHIBA refrigerator is equipped with 2 inverters: a compressor inverter and a fan inverter, which run at the same frequency to ensure fast and uniform cooling. When the temperature inside is higher than the set temperature, the 2 inverters start to accelerate at the same time to provide more cold air flow. This quick feedback system provides
MULTI AIR-FLOW: Due to the special design of the air outlet, the air is distributed around and the cold does not hit the food directly. 360 ° airflow prevents loss of moisture and maintains freshness longer.
DOUBLE RADAR SENSORS: Radar sensors automatically detect food temperature differences, independently regulate the temperature inside the refrigerator and prevent excessive temperature fluctuations
MOISTURE & FLEXIBLE ZONE: Humidity control zone and flexible zone with variable temperature.The Moisture Zone chamber provides 2 levels of humidity (vegetables require higher humidity than fruit), and the Flexible Zone chamber – 3 temperature levels (vegetables and fruits require a higher temperature than dry products or drinks)
PURE BIO: Pure BIO with a plasma module produces ions and electrons that kill bacteria, neutralize odors and purify cool air to keep food fresh for longer. The removal rate of trimethylamine is> 90% and the removal rate of Staphylococcus and E. coli is> 99%.
DUAL COOLING: 2 independent cooling systems. A conventional two-door fridge-freezer controls the temperature with one cooling system – the freezer. This causes the temperature of the device to become unstable. TOSHIBA Dual Cooling systems control the temperature in the refrigerator and freezer completely independently, which ensures that the temperature in both devices is stable and odors do not mix. As a result, the food has a much longer shelf life while maintaining the same moisture, color and shape as the day of purchase!

Colour: Black Glass
Dimensions & Weight

Dimensions (H x W x D): 189.8 x 83.3 x 64.8 cm
Weight: 107 kg

4 Door Refrigerator Toshiba, RF610WE-PGS

Availability: In stock

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