Super Βlender Sencor, SBU7730BK


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Extract Hardly Reachable Nutrition Hidden in Seeds, Grains, Nuts, Breaking Down Whole Fruits & Vegetables
Transform Whole, Fruits, Nuts, Vegetables, Seeds, and other Superfoods into
Supreme Liquid Power for your Body
Nutri Smoothie May Support Improvement of Sleep, Digestion & After Sport Recovery
Nutri Smoothie Helps Recharging Energy of your Body throughout the Day
Preset Blending Programs
PULSE for Instant Blending and Ice Crushing
FRUIT JUICE, SMOOTHIE for Perfect Energizing Fruit Smoothie
SMOOTHIE for Great Nutritious Vegetable Smoothie
FLOUR for Preparing Home Made Flour and Crashing Nuts
MILKSHAKE for Making Refreshing Milkshake and Ice-Cream
Safety Mechanism Enabling Start only in Correct Position
Anti-Slip Feet for Extra Safety
Dishwasher Safe Removable Parts
Tritan Material for Extra Durability
High Quality Removable Six Stainless Steel Blades with LVD Titanium Coating
Helps to Prevent Enzyme and Vitamin Loss
Helps to Reduce Nutri Smoothie Oxidation
Accessories: 2 L TRITAN Blender Jug
Power Cord Length: 1.1 m
Power Input: 1 800 W

Super Βlender Sencor, SBU7730BK

Availability: In stock

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