Dryer VOX, TDM800T1G


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General Specifications

Maximum drying capacity: 8 kg
Energy class: B
Noise level: 65 dB
Drum volume: 112 lt
Door diameter: 47 cm
Annual energy consumption: 561 kWh
Troubleshooting system
Humidity sensor
Security lock


Number of programs: 15
Programs: Cotton Extra Dry, Cotton Eco Cabinet Ready, Cotton Iron Ready, Synthetics Cabinet Ready, Synthetics Iron Ready, Delicate, Mix, Baby Care, Shirts 12 minutes, Fast 29 minutes, Drying 10 minutes, Drying 30 minutes, Drying 60 minutes
Functions: Drying level selection button, Drying time selection button, Delayed start button (1-23 hours), Anti-wrinkle operation button, Start / Pause, Audio function
Indications: Drying cycle indicator, Condenser cleaning indicator, Full water tank indicator, Fluff-filled filter indicator


Condenser tumble dryer: During drying, moisture is extracted from the laundry and turned into liquid, i.e. condensation is performed. The water is collected in a special container, easy to empty by hand after drying. Condensing models do not have a drain pipe, so it is possible to install an appliance in any room.
Capacitor filter: A filter for additional purification of water extracted from the laundry, located at the bottom of the machine. Depending on the model, it is not necessary to clean it so often.
Baby Care: A program for drying sensitive children’s clothes at low temperatures.
10′/30′/60′: It is possible to choose some of the fast programs at low temperature: 10, 30 or 60 minutes. These programs are ideal for drying small amounts of clothing.

Colour: Grey
Dimensions & Weight

Dimensions (H x W x D): 59.6 x 84.5 x 60.9 cm
Weight: 38.5 kg

Dryer VOX, TDM800T1G

Availability: In stock

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