Dryer LG, RC90V9AV2W


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Technical Specifications

Drying capacity: 9 kg
Energy Class: A +++ – 10%
Power consumption: 175 kWh / annum
DUAL Inverter Heat Pump
Cycle Duration: 239 minutes / cycle
Noise Level: 62 dB

General Features

Heat Pump: Advanced Dual Inverter Heat Pump inverter technology provides the highest level of energy efficiency or time savings ever.
Eco Hubrid: Eco Hybrid technology gives you the option to save energy or time depending on your needs.
Allergy care for better health.
Double filter: The double filter helps with drying performance by filtering the fluff.
Easy Iron Program
Fabric protection: Low temperature heat pump technology reduces wrinkles and gently cares for delicate clothes.
Drying Sensor: The unit’s humidity and temperature sensors automatically detect the level and adjust the optimal drying time. It protect your clothes from damage caused by excessive heat.


Number of programs: 14
Cotton / Mixed / Easy Ironing / Bed Linen / Towels / Allergy Care / Fast 30 ‘/ Sports / Wool / Sensitive / Shelf Drying / Air Drying / Hot Air Drying / Cycle Upgrade

Dimensions and Weight

Dimensions in cm (H x W x D): 85 x 60 x 69 cm
Weight: 57 kg

Dryer LG, RC90V9AV2W

Availability: In stock

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