Dryer LG, RC80V9AV3W



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Technical Specifications

Energy efficiency class: A+++ -10%
Energy consumption: 159 kWh / year
Noise level: 62 dB
Condensing efficiency class: Α
Electronic control
Loading capacity: 8 kg

Special Functions

DUAL Inverter Heat Pump ™: Double savings, maximum reliability. The evolution of the heat pump system that allows the compression speed to be managed in a completely controlled way, optimizing the consumption according to the different drying phases. Save energy and reduce consumption by 32%. Extends the range of air speeds, from very fast to slow, without having to turn the machine on or off.
Energy efficiency A +++ -10%. The dryer with DUAL Inverter Heat Pump ™ offers the maximum level of energy efficiency, reducing consumption by 10% in the energy efficiency category A +++.
Double 10 year warranty: The 10 year Inverter motor warranty is added to the DUAL Inverter compressor 10 year warranty for maximum reliability.
Eco Hybrid ™: Save time or energy. Eco Hybrid technology lets you choose whether to save time or energy based on your lifestyle. Removes wrinkles and reduces shrinkage. Thanks to the heat pump technology, you can dry the clothes at low temperatures, in order to remove the creases and to reduce the risk of shrinkage of all objects.
Allergy Care: The Allergy Care program reduces 99.9% of dust mites responsible for allergies or respiratory problems. Improve your quality of life.
Maximum ease of use: The self-cleaning system cleans the condenser. Get rid of the cleaning problem and maintain a high drying efficiency.
Double filter: Continuous cleaning. The dual filter allows the dryer to maintain high efficiency by filtering the fluff.
Drying sensor. Maximum performance. Detects moisture in clothes and automatically adjusts drying time.
Smart ThinQ ™: SmartThinQ Ε application. From remote laundry management to the ability to get new drying programs: your dryer is even smarter. Interact with it and take advantage of the latest innovations with Wifi connectivity.

Additional Features

Cycle end signal
Child safety
Drum light
Remaining time display
Filter cleaning indicator
Temperature sensor
Drying sensor
Open door sensor
Smart diagnosis


Drying Programs: Cotton, Mixed, Synthetic, Allergy Care, Quick Dry, Sports, Woolen, Shelf Drying, Cold Air Drying, Hot Air Drying, Cycle upgrade
Special options: Increase drying time, Reduce drying time, Ready for ironing

Colour: White
Dimensions & Weight

Dimensions (H x W x D): 85 x 60 x 69 cm
Weight: 57 kg

Dryer LG, RC80V9AV3W

Availability: In stock

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