Kitchen Scale Sencor, SKS4001WH



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Practical removable plastic bowl
Large LCD display (40 x 19 mm)
Height of digits on the display: 14 mm
Large buttons for comfortable control
Weight up to 5 kg / sensitivity 1 g
Tara (subtraction of the weight of a container or the option for gradual reweighing)
Option to select measuring units (g/ml/oz)
Weak battery and overloading indicator
Automatic idle shut-off
Supplied accessories: 1x 3 V CR2032 lithium battery
Volume of weighing bowl: 2000 ml
Dimensions without bowl (width x depth x height): 168 x 226 x 40 mm
Dimensions with bowl (width x depth x height): 266 x 244 x 100 mm

Kitchen Scale Sencor, SKS4001WH

Availability: In stock

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