Refrigerator Combi Toshiba, RB500WE-PMJ



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General Specifications

Screen type: Touch screen
Door opening from the right side
Energy class: E
Noise level: 41 dB
Total net capacity: 378 lt
Net refrigerator capacity: 256 lt
Freezer net capacity: 122 lt
Special compartments: Special drawer in the refrigerator for vegetables and fruits
Colour: Anthracite/Dark Silver

Technical Specifications

Cooling system: No frost
Annual energy consumption: 252 kWh
Climate category: N-ST-T
Supply voltage: 220 V-240 V

In the fridge

Number of refrigerator shelves: 3
Number of shelves in the door: 3

In the Freezer

Number of drawers: 3

Special Functions

Original New: Refrigerating appliances equipped with the technology of the Original Inverter taht works with an air compressor, an inverter, and two fans. They are designed in such a way as to meet the precise requirements of the cooling time: less energy consumption, low noise level to a minimum, and a long life perfomance .

LED display: The refrigerating appliance is equipped with a LED display and intuitive that it can be set to temperatures, both at the top as well as at the level of the freezer compartment. Keeping the safety of the food in the freezer .

Pure ORGANIC+Alloy Cooling: The technology to produce ions and electrons, which can kill bacteria, neutralizes odors, and purify the air to keep food fresh as long as possible.

The Flex Drawer: In general, the drawers are also used for fruits and vegetables, but in order to keep everything safe including meat or fish, this freezer has a storage compartment specifically designed for these types of foods.

The nurse close: Door appliance will automatically close if the gap is small, but if it is open, you will be notified by the red led light, and the sound of the alarm.

Dimensions & Weight

Dimensions (H x W x D): 201.8 x 59.5 x 66 cm
Weight: 75 kg

Refrigerator Combi Toshiba, RB500WE-PMJ

Availability: In stock

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