Full Built-in dishwasher Davoline, DFI60


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Main Features

Energy class: E
Capacity: 14 dishes
Noise level: 48 db
Metal filter
Power consumption: 266 kwh / year

Special Functions

Energy Class A ++: Davoline dishwashers are characterized by extremely low energy consumption, which they use extremely efficiently, offering protection for the environment and great economy!
Time Delay: Possibility of time delay (1/2 – 24:00)
Half load washing: Thanks to this function, all the washing power is concentrated in the upper or lower basket, adjusting the water and electricity consumption properly when you are not washing full load.

5 Programs

Eco 50: For economical washing at 50 ° C
Intensive 70: Intensive program at 70 ° C
Daily 65: For shorter daily washes at 65 ° C
Normal: Unique program that guarantees excellent A-class performance and cleans your dishes in just 60 minutes.
Mini 30: Ideal for slightly soiled dishes and glasses. Offers full load washing for 30 minutes at 35 ° C, saving time and energy.


Dimensions (H x W x D): 81.8 x 59.8 x 55 cm

Full Built-in dishwasher Davoline, DFI60
Original price was: €679,00.Current price is: €590,73.

Availability: In stock

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