Nutri Blender Domo, DO9184BL



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Start living a healthy lifestyle today with the “ultimate health pack”
The powerhouse blender (1200 W) blends even the hardest ingredients, such as ice, nuts, seeds, frozen fruit and coffee beans
Xpower results: the innovative cutter system and powerful operation preserve vitamins and nutrients
1 base with 3 functions:

Healthy smoothies on the go:

Blender and drinking bottle in one
Durable, reusable drinking bottle, does not absorb odours or flavours, dish washer safe
2 bottles with sealable drinking spout: 530 ml + 710 ml

Vitamins for the entire family:

Blender bottle that holds 1200 ml
Lid with feed tube and handy measuring cup

Fruit up your life:

Juicer you can attach to your drinking bottle

Nutri Blender Domo, DO9184BL

Availability: In stock

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