Built In Microwave Midea, AG925BVE


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General Characteristics

Built-in microwave with 2 heating methods: Microwave, Grill quartz
Maximum power: 900 watt
5 microwave power levels (90 W, 180 W, 360 W, 600 W, 900 W) with Inverter Technology
Cleaning: Door with crystal surface for easy cleaning
Electronic Control system: Thanks to the application of sensor control, the control panel is very easy to monitor and operate. With the Ts sensor programmer it is easy to monitor baking time and to set the time for the oven to be turned off
8 auto programmes: Automatic programmes make dish preparing faster and more convenient. Just choose appropriate weight or number of portions and dish type and microwave will automatically select the best parameters
Quick Start function: One click starts the microwave with its highest power for a short time
Child Lock: Prevents children from turning on the appliance, which means you and your family can avoid burns. The Child Lock also prevents children from changing the parameters while the appliance is in use.
Defrosting by time: This is a special function that is ideal for defrosting many kinds of food, such as meat, fish, bread and cakes. Immediately available at your fingertips
Defrosting by weight: Based on the weight of a product, the microwave oven automatically adjusts the time needed to defrost food. This means that the optimal defrosting time is achieved which, in turn, prevents the growth of bacteria
Equipment: 1 x glass , 1 x grill

Built In Microwave Midea, AG925BVE

Availability: In stock

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