Air Condition Midea 24000 BTU, AG2Eco -24NXD0 Extreme Save Lite


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Technical Specifications

Capacity (Btu/h): 24000 btu
Energy Class – Cooling: A++
Energy Class – Heating: A+++
Seasonal Energy Efficiency (SEER) Cooling: 6.4
Seasonal efficiency coefficient (SCOP) Heating (warm): 5.1
Indoor Unit Noise Level (Hi / Mi / Lo): 46/37/34.5 dB (A)
Indoor Unit Sound (Hi): 62 dB (A)
Outside Unit Noise Level: 60 dB (A)
Outside Audible Output: 67 dB (A)

Special Functions

Wi-Fi control: Wi-Fi control allows easy control of the air conditioning system via smart devices – smartphone or tablet. Air conditioning can be controlled remotely from anywhere in the world.
Automatic restart: In the event that the air conditioner stops working unexpectedly due to a power outage, it will restart automatically as soon as power is restored and will start operating in the mode set before the power was turned off.
Turbo mode: When Turbo mode is activated, the indoor unit fan starts running at maximum speed to ensure the desired temperature as quickly as possible. The mode lasts a maximum of 20 minutes, after which it automatically returns to the preset mode before activating Turbo mode.
Quiet mode: The indoor unit fan runs at very low speeds, reducing noise and providing peace and quiet.
Night mode: When night mode is activated during cooling, the air conditioner automatically raises the room temperature by 1 ° C for the first two hours, after which it remains fixed. When night mode is activated during heating, the air conditioner automatically lowers the room temperature by 1 ° C for the first two hours, after which it remains fixed.
3D Airflow: The louvers of the indoor unit of the air conditioner move automatically in all directions, ensuring even distribution of the air-conditioned air in all corners of the room.
Horizontal Swing: Horizontal louvers are floated at an angle of 120 °, while with conventional air conditioners this happens only at 90°. These more flexible louvers provide cooling that is wider and more even.
Vertical Swing: Vertical louvers float at an angle of 110 °, while with conventional air conditioners this happens only at 80 °. This results in cooling that is wider and more even.
Follow Me: The remote control has a built-in temperature sensor that automatically regulates the operating temperature depending on the measured temperature in the area in which it is located.
Gear Shift: Possibility to set the operating power of the compressor to 50%, 75% or 100%, which allows direct regulation of power consumption. Gear Change is only available in cooling mode.
1W Standby: The air conditioner automatically switches to power save mode when it is turned off (in Standby mode). This reduces power consumption from 5W to 1W, giving you up to 80% energy savings.
LED display:The indoor unit has a large LED display giving information about the operation of the air conditioning system.
ECO mode: This economy mode integrates a new innovative ECO energy saving technology. When the “ECO” button is activated, the air conditioner reduces energy consumption by 60% within 8 hours of continuous operation.
8°C heating: In 8°C heating mode, this constant temperature is maintained, thus protecting the home from excessive cooling in winter or freezing of pipes and houseplants. The regime is especially suitable in the long absence of the occupants of the home.
High Density filter: Compared to ordinary high-density dust filters, the high-density filter captures the finest dust particles in the air and provides up to 80% cleaner and healthier air.
Bio Filter (HEPA): The bio filter consists of a special biological enzyme and an eco filter. The eco filter captures very small dust particles in the air and neutralizes bacteria, fungi and microbes. The biological enzyme kills bacteria by breaking down their cell wall, thus eliminating the problem of re-contamination.
Cold-catalyst filter: The cold-catalyst filter eliminates formaldehyde and other volatile organic compounds (VOCs), as well as harmful gases and odors.
Ionizing filter: The ionizing filter kills bacteria and significantly reduces their numbers by destroying the cell wall.
Super ionizer: The super ionizer releases many positive and negative ions to remove odors, dust, tobacco smoke and pollen. This ensures clean and healthy air for the occupants of the air-conditioned room.
56°C sterilization: Unlike the normal self-cleaning mode, in the 56°C sterilization mode the heat exchanger is heated to 56°C for 30 minutes, thus killing up to 99.9% of the bacteria after only two cycles of use.
24-hour timer: Ability to set a 24-hour timer to turn the air conditioning system on and off within 24 hours.
Emergency operation: In the best air conditioners, when a sensor temperature error occurs, the system stops working. With Midea, the indoor unit reports an error code, but the system continues to operate in emergency mode.
Low ambient temperature kit: The outdoor unit of the air conditioner can work in heating mode without problems at very low outdoor temperatures.
Golden Fin heat exchanger coating: The Golden Fin coating is more resistant to oxidation and corrosion than ordinary Blue Fin coating. Golden Fin effectively prevents the growth and spread of bacteria and improves resistance to corrosive elements.
Refrigerant leak detection: The indoor unit of the air conditioner detects an error code EC, which will be displayed and will stop working automatically when a freon leak is detected. This will protect the air conditioning compressor from damage caused by high temperatures when the refrigerant leaks.
Louver memory: The position of the horizontal valve of the air conditioning system is saved when switched off and is restored automatically when switched on again.
Two-way draining: The drain pipe can be routed to the left and right side of the indoor unit of the air conditioner for easy and convenient installation.
Diamond design: The outdoor unit panels are made with a diamond design, which makes the construction stronger and resistant to vibrations. The new Bionic fan and Archimedes screw air outlet cover contribute to the quieter operation of the outdoor unit.
Compressor heater belt: An electric compressor heater makes it easier to start the system in very cold ambient temperatures.
Electrical heater for the outdoor unit: An electric heater on the bottom of the outdoor unit prevents condensation from freezing at low temperatures.

Dimensions & Weight

Indoor Unit (H x W x D): 24.4 x 108.3 x 33.6 cm
Outdoor Unit (H x W x D): 67.3 x 95.5 x 34.2 cm
Indoor Unit: 13.6 kg
Outdoor Unit: 43.9 kg

Air Condition Midea 24000 BTU, AG2Eco -24NXD0 Extreme Save Lite
Original price was: €1.049,00.Current price is: €995,00.

Availability: In stock

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