Air Condition LG 9000 BTU, AC09BH.NSK ArtCool Mirror


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Cooling Specifications
SEER (seasonal efficiency in cooling): 7.0
Cooling Efficiency (EER) W / W: 3.81
Cooling Energy Efficiency Class: A++
Annual energy consumption: 125 kW/h

Heating Specifications
Energy class in warmer heating:: A++
Annual power consumption: 875 kWh/έτος
Heating Efficiency (COP) W / W: 4.13
SCOP (seasonal efficiency in heating): 4.0

General Specifications
Coolant type: R32
Smart ThinQ™ (Wi-Fi)
Plasmaster Ionizer Plus : protects you from unpleasant odors, harmful and infectious particles in the atmosphere.
Dual Inverter™: Fast Cooling & Energy Saving
DUAL Inverter Compressor™ With 10 Year Warranty
Comfort Air ensures the ideal atmosphere for your sleep, automatically adjusting 2 different settings.
Automatic Cleaning: The Automatic Cleaning function removes bacteria and moisture
4Way Swing: With 4Way swing function, the air is expelled in 4 different directions, covering the entire room space quickly and efficiently.
Smart Diagnosis: With Smart Diagnosis, users can quickly and easily control their air conditioner settings from their mobile
Active Energy Control: you can adjust the power consumption to three levels (80%, 60%, 40%).
Gold Fin ™: Gold Fin ™ offers greater corrosion resistance to the surface and enhances the heat exchanger’s durability for a longer period of time.

Noise Levels
Indoor unit sound pressure level (Hi / Med / Low / Si): 41/35/27/19 dB(A)
Lower indoor sound pressure level 19 db(A)
Sound power outdoor unit (Hi): 65 db(A)
Audio internal unit power (Hi): 59 dB(A)

Indoor unit (WxHxD): 837x308x239
Outdoor unit (WxHxD): 918x387x265
Indoor unit Weight: 9.9 kg
Outdoor unit Weight: 13.6 kg

Air Condition LG 9000 BTU, AC09BH.NSK ArtCool Mirror
Original price was: €759,00.Current price is: €729,00.

Availability: In stock

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