Air Condition 24000 BTU, AC24BH.NSK Art cool Mirror


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Cooling Specifications
Energy class in cooling: A ++
SEER (seasonal degree of cooling efficiency): 6.9
Annual power consumption: 335 Watt
EER (cooling efficiency factor): 3.05 Watt
Cooling noise power (High): 65 dBA
Cooling temperature adjustment range: 18 ℃ – 30 ℃

Heating Specifications
Energy class in heating: A +++
Energy class in the warmest season heating: 1628 Watt
SCOP (seasonal degree of heating efficiency) of warmer seasons: 5.30
SCOP (seasonal degree of efficiency in heating): 4.30
COP (heating efficiency coefficient): 3.35 Watt
Heating control temperature range: 16 ℃ – 30 ℃

General Specifications
Coolant: R32
Temperature control
Ionizer: Plasmaster Ionizer Plus or Plasmaster Ionizer
Automatic cleaning
Air flow direction control
Jet Cool
Silent mode
Active Energy function
Smart diagnosis
LG Smart ThinQ (Wi-Fi App.)

Noise Levels
Outdoor unit sound power in cooling: 70 dBA
Outdoor unit sound power in heating: 57 dBA
Cooling Sound Pressure (Sleep / Low / Moderate / High): 31/34/42/47 dBA
Heating sound pressure (Low / Medium / High): 34/42/47 dBA
Outdoor unit sound pressure level: 54 dBA

Dimensions & Weight
Indoor unit (HxWxD): 34.5×99.8×21.2 cm
Outdoor unit (HxWxD): 54.5x77x28.8 cm
Indoor Unit Weight: 13.5 kg
Outdoor Unit Weight: 46.4 kg

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