Hair Iron Set 6 in 1 Cecotec, 04440


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Technical Specifications

Includes 6 heads to achieve a greater variety of hairstyles: dryer, 32 mm brush, 60 mm brush, straightening brush and 2 curling cylinders (right and left).
It includes a powerful 110,000 rpm brushless motor.
The styler has Coanda technology, thanks to which, when positioning the two curling cylinders, the air tends to follow the surface of the curved object instead of coming out in a straight line, therefore, the power of the air rolls the hair around the styler. , creating perfect curls, without having to do anything.
Control the temperature you apply to the hair thanks to its 3 temperature settings.
It has 2 air flow speeds to adapt to each hairstyle.
It has negative ions that neutralize the positive ions that are naturally found in the hair and cause the cuticle to close, sealing moisture in the hair shaft and reducing frizz.
Ceramic coated heads, providing uniform and fast heat, which reduces hair damage.
Cold air function to help set and seal the hairstyle
Includes a cable whose length is 1.8 m, for greater comfort when styling hair
It has a removable filter to always keep the product clean.

Hair Iron Set 6 in 1 Cecotec, 04440

Availability: In stock

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