Double Ceramic – Induction Plate Sencor, SCP4001BK


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Power: 1600-1800 watt
Touch panel in combination with a classic knob for setting temperature and power level.
Microprocessor-controlled operation
Suitable cookware diameter is from 12 to 26 cm
Large legible LCD display with a red backlight
Timer for delayed shut-off in the range 1 – 180 minutes, adjustable in 1-minute increments
ON/OFF button for turning on or switching to the standby mode
Control panel lock as protection against accidental use and changes to settings.
Combination of induction and radiant hotplates
Simple controls combining a classic knob with a touch panel
Simple cleaning
High efficiency, saves time and power when cooking
When cooking on a standard hotplate, the hotplate of the cooktop is heated first and only then is heat transmitted to the base of the cookware located on the hotplate. It is precisely during this transmission of heat from the hotplate to the base of the cookware that substantial heat losses occur. Especially when the cookware does not have a flat base that is not in complete contact with the hotplate or when the cookware is soiled.
When cooking on an induction hotplate, the metal base of the cookware is heated directly. This minimises heat losses and thus cooking on an induction hotplate is faster and power consumption is lower.
The glass ceramic induction hotplate is cool to touch since heat via induction is created directly in the cookware (careful, the cooktop may be partially heated by the cookware). Induction cooking saves time (60 %) and electricity (50 %). It delivers high efficiency (up to 90 %) with minimal heat losses. The smooth glass ceramic cooktop guarantees easy and hygienic cleaning.

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