Induction Hob Nodor, IH-N6404 BK


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Technical Specifications

Frontal bevelled induction hob
Maximum power: 7,4 kW
4 zones: Each one of 21,5 cm, can be combined in two modular zones (21,5 x 40 cm)
Hidden Mono Slider Touch control panel
Centralized power selector, with 9 levels. Nbost, 1 Booster
Timer selector
Residual heat indicator

Special Functions

Npause: Stop taking care of cooking to answer the phone or take care of your family without worrying about what is going on in your kitchen.
Nfastup: With the new Nodor inductions, once the rapid warming is completed, the power is automatically reduced by ensuring that your food does not burn.
Nmemory: With the new Nodor inductions, you have all the advantages. If the induction accidentally shuts down, the new Nmemory function will recover the power levels and cooking zones that were being used.
Nchild: Lock the hob to prevent children from accidentally turning on the hob.
Ncook: With up to 3 cooking functions that allow you to keep the food warm without cooking them, melting chocolate or butter or slow cook boiling.Nboost+: With up to 2 levels of extra power, especially when you need maximum power in your Nodor induction
during short cooking periods.

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