Induction Hob Edesa, EIT-6328 B WH


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Technical Specifications

Induction hob with front touch control. White crystal.
Maximum power: 7.2 kW
3 cooking zones: With diameters of 28/18 cm, 20 cm and 15.8 cm
Zone 1: Diameter: 28-18cm, Consumption: 193 Wh / kg, Power: 2.7-1.5 kW
Zone 2: Diameter: 20cm, Consumption: 179.6 Wh / kg, Power: 1.5 kW
Zone 3: Diameter: 15.8 cm, Consumption: 198.2 Wh / kg, Power: 1.2 kW
Touch panel
Separate power selector per lamp, with 9 levels and Celeris
Security lock


Total lock for children
Touch blocking during cooking
Residual heat indicator
Automatic logout for forgetting
Safety thermostat against overheating 
Overflow protection
Automatic liquid overflow shut-off
Evasion of small metal objects
Weak voltage detection / alert
Surge system
Safety thermostat for oil temperature

Special Functions

Residual heat indicator: Edesa hobs have a light indicator which warns a cooking zone is still warm for a few minutes after its use.
Safety thermostat: The safety thermostat is focused on the protection of the hob to guarantee an even longer lifetime. This system allows limiting the operating temperature of the hob and its components to ensure a stable and a long-lasting operation
Safety lock:For young and elderly, safety comes first. By activating the safety locking option of our induction and ceramic hobs the control panel is disabled. Thus, avoiding the cooking process can accidentally be modified.
Timer function: Forget the clock. With the Timer Function you can set the exact cooking length so that the hob warns you and stops when the time passes. A dish will get burned never again!
Celeris programme: Get it ready sooner than expected. Our hobs have a power level that allows to accelerate the cooking in record time.

Induction Hob Edesa, EIT-6328 B WH

Availability: In stock

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