Built in oven Amica, TES6521



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Rapid preheating: You can use this function to achieve the desired temperature in the shortest time possible. The oven heats up to the temperature of 150°C in 4 minutes, 20% faster than the standard heating time.
Easy-cleaning door system: With the new structure of the door, it can be safe and easy to remove the glass of the oven without having to remove the entire door. The use of two clips on the top of the door meant, that there is no need for any tools and can do it yourself. Now, keeping the oven clean is easy.

Cooking Options

Number of Programs: 8
Programs: Fast Preheat | Defrost | Double Grill+Fan | Grill | Double Grill | Bottom Heating | Τοp and Bottom Heating | Τοp and Bottom Heating+Fan

Temperature range 50-250°C
Additional Features
Net capacity: 66 lt
Energy Efficiency: A
Interior with enamel coating
New door handle design
Digital display

EasyClock Alarm
Fully immersed switches, oval
Oven Lighting
Triple-glazed door
Equipment: 2 x enamel baking tray | 1 x universal pan
Colour: Inox

Built in oven Amica, TES6521

Availability: In stock

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