Hair Iron Cecotec, 04214


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Wet & Dry. Designed for damp and dry hair.
Keratin protective. Keratin and Argan oil coating.  Shiny, smooth and strong hair.
ProIonizer. Ultrashiny and smooth hairstyles thanks to its negative-ion charge that generates tourmaline.
XL plates. 55-mm wide plates for straightening thicker hair sections.
3D plates. Includes floating plates for even hair pressing and for optimum straightening results.
Steady and even temperature, 210 ºC.  Optimum temperature for straightening thick and abundant hairs.
3-mm cord with 360º system. Avoids the cord from tangling and allows using it with complete freedom of movement.
Built-in lock plates lock system for easy storage and the plates do not damage.
Designed with cool ends for you to use it comfortably and to ensure perfect straightening after each use.

Hair Iron Cecotec, 04214

Availability: In stock

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