Hood Edessa, ECG-5831 GWH



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Main Features

Motor power: 280 W, BT3
Width: 60 cm
A energetic efficiency class
Perimeter extraction
3 extraction levels and booster
Retroilluminated touch control panel
Max / Min extraction rate: 820 / 340 m3/h
Max / Min noise levels: 67 / 50 dB(A)
2 lighting ECOLED lamps, A class
Light dimmer switch
Timer function for automatic switch-off
Filter saturation indicator
Standard metallic filter with plastic handle washable in dishwasher
Optional Carbon filter accesory: 02859398
Optional washable carbon filter accesory: 02800903
Back draught shutter accesory included

Special Functions

Maximum extraction: We bet on hoods which extract the smoke our dishes produce thanks to Edesa’s high efficiency motors. Make sure smoke becomes extinct from your kitchen by just pressing a button.

High efficiency lighting: Lighting is essential when cooking. Our hoods are provided with low consumption LED lighting with very low consumption, providing a more efficient and bright lighting. It allows using and adjust the intensity of the light even the hood is working or not.

Maximum power turbo: Have you ever got distracted and in a matter of seconds the kitchenhas filled with smoke? The Turbo function is very useful in these cases,because with a simple touch the hood is boosted at full power for 5minutes. When time has passed, it returns to the previous speed.

Timer function: With this function the hood automatically switches off after a while, thus getting the air of the kitchen completely clean when finishing cooking.

Filter cleaning indicator: The hood automatically warns when its filters should be cleaned in the dishwasher.

Colour: White
Dimensions (W x D): 83 / 53 x 28 cm

Hood Edessa, ECG-5831 GWH

Availability: In stock

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