Fan Cecotec, 05229


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100% copper motor
Mist technology FreshEssence: Refreshes the environment with water microparticles. Enjoy a pleasant environment with the best smell and maximum comfort.
Force Silence technology: Silent mode
AirFlow5 technology that consists of 5 great-diameter blades to ensure maximum and efficient fresh air flow.
SmartControl: Smart control thanks to its remote control and its LCD display.
Ionizing function that produces negative ions to remove dust particles from the environment.
Enjoy a nice environment with pleasant scent thanks to its PureAroma system that allows pouring aromatic oils into a specific tank. Aromatic oils not included.
Anti-mosquito function. Tablets not included.
With 3 speed functions
Water tank capacity: 3.1 lt
Adjustable Mist system with 3 steam speeds to adapt  steam water separately and create different environments at home or in your terrace.
Programmable timer that can be scheduled up to 12 hours
Security system
Rotate Wind technology: Intense flow of fresh air
Total Control technology: Height adjustment
MinimalDesign: minimalist well-cared design with elegant lines that adapt to your home
Easy to move: Its casters that allow moving and storing it easily.

Fan Cecotec, 05229

Availability: In stock

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