Air Condition Midea 9000 BTU, MD-MSAGAU-09HRFNX Extreme Blue Line



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Cooling Efficiency
SEER (seasonal cooling efficiency): 7.4 W/W
Cooling energy class: A++
Operation Temperature in Cooling: 17-32 ℃
Heating Efficiency
SCOP (seasonal heating efficiency) Warmer: 5.3 W/W
Warmer energy class: A+++
Operation Temperature in heating: 0 – 30 ℃
General Specifications
Wifi function : Allows easy control of your air conditioner through smart devices
Msmart Home app / Midea Air app
Refrigerant Type: R32
UVC Tecnology: Sterilization technology with deep UV light
Sterilization 56°C: function that kills 99.9% of bacteria
Breeze Away function: Temperature without unwanted interference
Prime Guard Fin Protection: Offers greater resistance to oxidation and corrosion of the indoor unit
Hepa filter: Captures small dust particles, bacteria, fungi and germs
24-hour timer: Set the unit to start and stop automatically within 24 hours
Super Ionizer: Eliminates odors, dust and smoke offering fresh air
Eco Mode: Reduces electricity consumption resulting in energy savings
Smart diagnosis: An automatic fault monitoring system that detects and diagnoses 97 types of parameters at an early stage and notifies you via the smartphone app
Low noise level: Both airflow and fan speed are reduced to minimize noise, giving you a sound of sleep
Follow Me: Function to maintain the desired temperature where the remote control is located
Turbo Mode – by pressing the turbo button on the remote, the unit will enter turbo mode at super high speed and reach the set temperature faster
Noise Levels
Sound Power (indoor unit) (Hi): 54 db(A)
Sound Power (outdoor unit) (Hi): 62 db(A)
Sound Pressure (indoor unit) (Hi/Med/Low/Silence): 37/32/22/20 dB(A)
Dimensions & Weight
Indoor unit (H x W x D): 29.1 x 72.6 x 21 cm
Outdoor unit (H x W x D): 49.5 x 72 x 27 cm
Weight indoor unit: 8 kg
Weight outdoor unit: 23.5kg

Air Condition Midea 9000 BTU, MD-MSAGAU-09HRFNX Extreme Blue Line

Availability: In stock

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