Dehumidifier Cecotec, 05606


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Great dehumidification power of up to 10L/day, decreases humidity concentration in the environment, increases well-being, avoids furniture deterioration and illnesses arising from humidity.
Large removable tank (2.5 litres) for maximum comfort.
Choose between its 2 dehumidifying speeds, low or high, and adjust it to each situation and environment.
Capable of dehumidifying up to 105 m³/h (rooms of up to 40 m²), therefore it is perfect for offices, halls…
Turns automatically off when the tank is full to avoid water from leaking and to ensure less energy consumption.
LED display that shows temperature and humidity percentage in the environment.
24-hour programmable timer with auto-off. Forget about it when operating it.
Touch control for a simple and user-friendly use.
Its silent operating allows using it at every moment, even when babies are sleeping.
Air filter to prevent large particles from entering the device, resulting in higher-quality air.
Elegant and clean design with smooth lines. Decorate any space at home.
Casters and handle for moving it comfortably from room to room.

Dehumidifier Cecotec, 05606

Availability: In stock

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