Order Methods

You can order the products of your interest choosing from the following methods:

  1. Call us within the working hours of our stores.
  2. Through our online store at www.andreascharalambouscy.com
  3. Visit us at one of our stores.

• Note that placing your order in one of our stores does not automatically mean that you will receive the product immediately. Delivery time is exactly the same as for other ordering methods.

• Indicative availability is indicated in our website for all products. However, product availability varies daily depending on the dealership and the type of product. In either case, the products that are readily available can be delivered within 1- 4 working days. Otherwise, delivery is usually achieved within 2 – 5 working days, while for some products not in stock the delivery time may take up to 10 working days, or for pre-orders will apply the agreed delivery time agreed between the company and the customer.

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